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Future Musicians


So you have decided to join us. Well this is where you can get started. 1.) If you are a current music education major who is passionate about music performance, teaching and learning, then we invite you to become an active member in an established NASPAAM Collegiate Chapter organization on your college campus. 2.) If you are interested in establishing or in re-activating an established chapter of NASPAAM Collegiate on your campus, then you can get started right here. After you click on the collegiate application form and enter your contact information, you will need to do the following:

  • Select the membership you desire
  • Enter any additional contact information.
  • Submit your payment with a check or purchase order.

For additional information, and for assistance in getting started with establishing a Collegiate Chapter of NASPAAM at your institution this school year please contact : drjemmiephawkins@charter.net

You will agree that music is indeed a magical form. If you are passionate about music, we would like to invite you to join us as we aim to ignite and awaken student's 

musicality. Music education majors will have the ability to encourage, teach and mentor students who have an appreciation for music. All students and educators alike have fun while developing the disciplines of music as it enriches the lives of the program participants.  There is no better rewards.

Freshman in collegeYou will be the campus lead as students and educators seek guidance in providing and designing programs to meet the students' needs.

Using technology you will be able to participate in several programing offerings as well as deliver results through-out our web-enabled network.