The National Association for the Study and Performance of African American Music (NASPAAM) is an organization whose purpose is to further the development and dissemination of African American music through advocacy, education, and performance. The organization is committed to providing leadership and motivation for music educators, musicians, and others interested in fostering the inclusion of African and African American music in education and society. The organization serves its members and others by increasing the awareness of Black Music and its contribution to the arts, culture, and society.



  • To promote, preserve, and advance the tradition of African American music throughout the world.

  • To serve as an advocate for African American music education throughout the United States.

  • To ensure the inclusion of African American music from pre-school through the university levels.

  • To foster the recognition of the contributions and significance of African American music to American culture.

  • To generate support of the development of quality music education programs and the music potentials of African American youth.

  • To continue the development of African American music educators, performers, and audiences of music.

  • To voice the concerns of African American music educators throughout the United States.